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Cannathol, the cool-to-warm cream that feels great! Don’t put it in your mouth, eyes, nose, ears, or any other bodily orifice not already mentioned.

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What Is Cannathol CBD Pain Cream?

Cannathol is a CBD-infused, herbal topical cream that incorporates modern technology with the ancient Chinese methods that feel good.  The deep-penetrating experience offers long-lasting cool-to-warm sensations. It contains 7 herbal ingredients (menthol, camphor, lavender, angelica, ginseng, aloe vera, and witch hazel). 

Cannathol is great for many reasons. Massage in a generous portion to get the best results. Cannathol penetrates deeply leaving the skin smooth and not greasy.

CBD Pain Cream Near Me

You’ve likely heard of CBD already — you can smoke it, eat gummies or use tinctures, and even vape this cannabinoid to experience its benefits. But did you know that there are potent CBD topicals that can help you feel quick, external relief?

Cannathol Pain Cream is strong and works fast to help with topical pain relief. You can take some cream with you on your daily routines, enjoy your rest days to the fullest, and even break those personal records at the gym with ease. Want to learn more about why our pain cream is top rated? We have the whole breakdown ready for you here at Utoya Organics! Read on to discover how CBD pain cream Cannathol Pain Cream works, what it is made of, and if it’s right for you!

What Is CBD Pain Cream?

CBD pain cream, Cannathol Menthol Pain Cream is a topical cannabidiol (CBD) product that you can use to relieve general discomfort and irritation. Cannabis-infused lotions, salves, oils, sprays, and other transdermal methods work by binding the cannabinoids to cannabinoid receptors. 

These receptors are called CB1 and CB2 receptors and are found throughout the body. These receptors are activated either by the body’s naturally-occurring endocannabinoids or by cannabis compounds known as cannabinoids and terpenes (e.g., THC, CBD, Beta-caryophyllene, etc.).

A rub infused with cooling menthol and peppermint is a great way to wind down from a workout or hike. Even if a topical contains active THC, it still won’t induce that intense “high” or euphoria you might expect to get from smoking or ingesting cannabis.

cannathol cbd pain cream with menthol

Is CBD Pain Cream Legal?

Yes, CBD topical pain creams are legal! As long as it’s hemp-derived and contains less than the THC threshold (0.2% or less), then it’s legal to purchase and use.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Pain Creams?

This topical CBD product can offer a wide range of benefits! CBD has anti-swelling and relieving properties which can help manage various types of discomfort. There are many CBD topicals on the market, but our CBD pain creams are unique in its ability to target specific areas of discomfort. Topicals like CBD creams, bath bombs, or lotions are usually more geared toward maintaining overall skin wellness.

  • Soothe bothered skin
  • Retain overall skin moisture
  • Ease swelling and joint pain
  • Reduce redness
  • Achieve quick, localized relief
  • Relieve general external discomfort
  • Help maintain overall skin health

How Does CBD Pain Cream with Menthol Work?

CBD pain cream, Cannathol Pain Cream is one of many topical CBD products, and you can rub it directly onto your skin, where it’s absorbed directly.

These receptors support the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system helps regulate various bodily functions like sleep, mood, and pain response. In regulating these functions, your ECS helps keep your body running its best (this balanced state of wellness is homeostasis).

When you apply CBD topically, it can interact with the cannabinoid receptors to provide external relief without any intoxicating effects!

Why Do People Use CBD Pain Cream?

CBD pain cream, Cannathol Pain Cream is popular for its ability to soothe and support external wellness. CBD topicals are generally well-tolerated by most people, making them a good option for those who want to avoid consuming CBD internally (such as in the form of CBD oil or gummies). CBD cream in particular, though, can:

  • Provide fast relief: You’ll feel effects immediately to within 15 minutes after applying!
  • Target specific areas: You can apply salve externally to soothe physical discomfort.
  • Give maximum-strength alleviation: Generally, salves are the strongest CBD topicals for external relief!
  • Offer full spectrum benefits: This means you’ll experience the entourage effect, which occurs when all cannabinoids are present and working better together.

It’s also important to note that you can use CBD pain creams with other CBD products. So, if you’re consuming CBD oil internally and want to target specific areas of discomfort, topical CBD salve can offer even more relief.

Active Ingredients Breakdown: Cannathol Pain Cream with Menthol + CBD

At Utoya Organics, we’re proud to provide our customers with natural and inclusive products! Our products are free of GMOs and never contain any dairy or gluten, so they’re suitable for vegans. All our products — including our organic CBD pain cream — also contain premium quality hemp and natural ingredients. Keep reading along with us to learn more about why we chose each ingredient in our CBD cream!

cbd pain cream with menthol

Aside from its cold-inducing sensation capabilities, menthol exhibits cytotoxic effects in cancer cells, induces reduction in malignant cell growth, and engages in synergistic excitation of GABA receptors and sodium ion channels resulting in analgesia. Menthol is a great topical pain reliever.

Camphor has a wide variety of topical uses due to its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used to treat skin conditions, improve respiratory function, and relieve pain.

Lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to heal minor burns and bug bites. Research suggests that it may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness.

Angelica is used for heartburn, intestinal gas (flatulence), loss of appetite (anorexia), arthritis, circulation problems, “runny nose” (respiratory catarrh), nervousness, plague, and trouble sleeping (insomnia). Some women use angelica to start their menstrual periods.

Asian ginseng is also promoted as a dietary supplement for a variety of other reasons—to improve physical stamina, concentration, and memory; stimulate immune function; slow the aging process; and relieve various other health problems, such as respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, depression, and anxiety

Aloe Vera gel has cooling properties and is anti-inflammatory. Hence, it is one of the most natural remedies for sunburn or burnt skin. Applying this gel helps with a protective layer for the skin, and it also helps to retain moisture. It is rich in antioxidants and minerals that boost the healing process.

Witch hazel has many benefits for skin, including relieving inflammation, tightening pores, and helping with razor bumps. It may also help reduce acne, since it can cleanse your skin of excess oil.

How To Use CBD Pain Creams?

CBD pain creams are perfect for any time that you need some targeted relief, but you may be wondering, “how much CBD is enough?” When using CBD pain creams, start with a dime-sized amount and apply it to the desired area. CBD topicals are not addictive and have no known side effects, so you can use them as needed throughout the day.

We also suggest patch testing any new topical product on a small area of skin first — just to be sure you don’t have any sensitivities! CBD topicals are generally considered safe for most people, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Things To Avoid When Using CBD Pain Creams?

While CBD pain creams are incredibly beneficial, there are a few things you should avoid when using them:

  • Don’t use CBD pain creams on open wounds or cuts: CBD topicals are great for soothing sore muscles, but you should not use them on broken skin. If you have any open wounds, we recommend consulting with a doctor before using CBD pain creams (or any CBD product, for that matter).
  • Don’t apply CBD pain creams to your face: CBD topical products are meant to be applied externally, but we don’t recommend using them on your face — especially if you have sensitive skin. If you’re looking for a CBD product for your face, try a lotion or infused-skincare product instead!
  • Ask your doctor before using CBD pain creams if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding: We recommend avoiding CBD topicals while expecting or nursing to be on the safer side.

What Is The Best CBD Pain Cream with Menthol in Malta?

When it comes to CBD pain creams, there are many options out there. But if you’re looking for the best of the best for post workout soreness, a cream with a cooling sensation, or have strained muscles or joints, we recommend our Cannathol CBD-infused, herbal topical cream. Our CBD pain creams only contains the highest-quality CBD that’s been third-party lab tested for potency and purity.

We also use a proprietary blend of essential oils in our CBD Salves, perfect for supporting and soothing sore muscles and joints. And because our salve is non-greasy and absorbs quickly, it’s perfect for on-the-go and daytime use!

Whether you’re trying CBD for the first time or are already a big fan of CBD and are looking to re-up your stock, Utoya Organics is the leading supplier of CBD pain creams in Malta!

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