Utoya Vape Battery – 3 Heat Settings – Easy Vape To Use

This vape battery is very straightforward and easy to use! Get started with enjoying any one of our vape cartridges with a Utoya Vape Battery!

  • 3 Heat Settings
  • 5 Quick Taps To Turn On/Off
  • Works with all vape cartridges sold by Utoya
  • Works with other standard 510 Thread C-Cell Vape Cartridges

About The Vape Battery

A straightforward no-nonsense vape device for standard use with any of our Utoya Vape Cartridges. This will work with the industry standard for other vape cartridges as well, meaning most other vape cartridges on the market will be suitable for this vape battery.

  • 3 Heating Modes
  • 5 Quick Taps to turn on or off

How To Use the Vape Battery

  • Take out of the box
  • Check to ensure the vape battery is charged by attempting to turn it on, it should blink green, blue, or sometimes red, but if it’s a rapid blink, it needs charging.
    • For charging:
      • Attach the provided USB to Vape Battery adapter to a good charging block or a USB plugin that will accept a charge.
      • Do not twist too tightly, just make sure the fitting is screwed down completely
      • A charge will take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour for a full charge.
      • Proceed to the next step and resume setting up your vape battery
    • Remove any pre-existing rubber tips from the vape cart if any are present
    • The mouthpiece will not have any threads, just a hole, turn the vape right-side up, and have the threads for installing the vape facing downward
    • Begin to twist the vape cartridge into position, turning clockwise (right-side), and twist until it is finger tight. You may even want to ever-so-gently untighten the vape for the most optimal airflow, turn it back just a hair, and it will be perfect.
    • Press down the button for a few seconds, maybe give it a couple of old-fashioned-tobacco-pipe-style-puffs (puff, puff, puff, ready.) depending on the thickness of the distillate.



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