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Cannabis in Malta: Is Weed Legal in Malta?

On the fourteenth of December 2021, Malta joined the more liberal side of the world and “legalized cannabis” – the principal in Europe! Yet, from that point forward, the dreams of a large number of strolling down the street with a lit joint are still a lot in the fantasy domain. So what is truly happening, very nearly a year after the fact, about weed regulations in Malta?

Can I possess Weed?

The primary contrast that happened quickly was the additional elbow room on possession of cannabis in Malta. In April 2015, the specialists decriminalized the possession of up to 3.5g of marijuana for individual use. This implied that individuals were all the while going through a night in the police station following minor possession. Then, at that point, they were let off with a small punishment and a fine.

Since December 2021, in any case, individuals can carry up to 7g of cannabis without any repercussions. The fines then, at that point, come in assuming somebody has somewhere in the range of 7g and 28g. The last option of which sums is lawfully considered to be adequate for individual use – prompting a similar kind of light punishment referenced before. This is intensified by the police not having any motivation to think that the individual is dealing.

Another byproduct of this regulation is that individuals with charges for cannabis possession on their record can apply to have these taken out. This action merited greater exposure considering the close to Draconian regulations, not a portion of 10 years prior. It could change many individuals’ lives to improve things. Particularly with regard to instances of individuals charged for having a filthy bong or processor.

Smoking Openly

In spite of the fact that sums and possession have most certainly been loose, smoking in broad daylight is as yet a major no. As per the Expert on the Dependable Utilization of Cannabis Act (ARUC), any individual discovered consuming cannabis out in the open is at risk of a fine of €235. What’s more, on the off chance that within the sight of a minor, that will ascend to anyplace somewhere in the range of €300 and €500.

While there have been discussions of Cannabis Clubs in Malta or assigned smoking regions, these are quite far away. Late meetings in the press with the Head of ARUC have done very little to reveal any insight into what’s in store. When or where individuals can purchase marijuana lawfully in Malta, or smoke it?


Some incredible news about this new regulation is additionally the capability of growing your own. Normally, there is some expense caused to set up at first, also a lofty expectation to learn and adapt by and large. Be that as it may, this is a positive development with regards to smoking all the more securely and reasonably.

You can grow up to 4 plants, stockpiling up to 50g of marijuana in your place of home at a time. The super extra condition here is that the plants are not apparent to people in general beyond your confidential premises.

Fortunately, with regard to growing, various headshops in Malta and cannabis grow shops have sprung up. As well as many CBD companies in Malta.

So what’s taking such a long time?

Which is all well and good, a large number of individuals who had been anticipating this memorable move toward Maltese regulation are left asking where we’re at. Sadly, because of the specialists stalling on something besides development and possession, many are as yet falling back on the bootleg market to get some weed.

ARUC still can’t seem to declare the new administrative system guaranteed by last April. That being said, the Power’s Head, Mariella Dimech, has guaranteed the media that there has been progress regarding meeting all partners. The new cutoff time is the finish of this current year, fingers are crossed that ARUCs safe use approach gets through and weed aficionados will want to stay away from the underground market.

Tragically right now, since possession regulations have been loose, there is as yet a weighty reliance on unlawful hotspots for cannabis. Indeed, even home producers wind up getting their seeds from unregulated sources. So is weed legal in Malta? Technically yes. Just because there is nowhere to purchase it at the moment does not mean that you cannot grow and posses your own cannabis in Malta.

Where does that leave us?

At second it would be excessively cynical to say that the viewpoint is disheartening. Smokers can as of now quit investigating their shoulders while they’re conveying limited quantities. Furthermore, if individuals are so disposed of, they can likewise grow securely and smoke in their homes.

This is a strong step in the right direction, so let us be a touch more glass-half-full about it. We should keep our eyes out for the new Cannabis Clubs which will ultimately come into place. Each update is one more little triumph for the cannabis fan in Malta!

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